Greece Is A Butterfly! Could The Economic Crisis Be The Best Thing That Has Happened To Greece?

That’s a pretty hard thing to grasp when so many bad things are happening right now. The way we need to look at things is that crisis is a signal to change direction for the greater good.

Let’s look at a butterfly and compare Greece to it.

When a caterpillar is going about its business and it does the typical thing it always does it all seems normal. It is doing things in a predictable pattern day in and day out. The cells in its body have work to do every single day. They know what they have to do and it has become routine. All of a sudden all the work needed stops and changes.

This is shocking to the cells because now they are left with nothing to do and they feel like they will not survive in such conditions. Shockingly the cells start to commit suicide just like we have seen in Greece. In biology this suicide is called apoptosis.

The caterpillar has changed and everything seems chaotic. Out of this chaos it seems another threat is approaching. The immune system has detected some “invaders” and they rush to destroy them without success.

The “invaders” are not what the immune system thinks they are. They are the caterpillar’s new cells who have a new idea on how to organize this biological tragedy. These cells are called imaginal cells and they are there to use the tragedy as an opportunity to make this caterpillar better than what it was.

When the butterfly is born out of this it is genetically identical to the caterpillar, it’s the same exact being except it realized a better potential for itself and allowed the old to fall away.

When governments, banks, corporations are not doing what people want it allows for a beautiful opportunity to come through. It allows for people to start living how they want and be an example of how their governments and businesses to function instead of waiting for that to happen from them.

You have to be the change you want to see.

If there’s no money start giving whatever you can!

Who will become the imaginal cells?

These are signs for a new Greece and a better potential for the people.

This isn't a crisis. It's an opportunity to become the better Greece that exists in us.

Greece is turning into a butterfly!

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