5 Reasons to Enter the Ionian Rally

Every year Greece holds several sailing events. They're all amazing but there's something about sailing the Ionian. It's an easier race because the winds aren't as strong as the one in the Aegean.

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

You can actually turn this rally into a vacation. With about 5 stops in this rout you're bound to end up in Corfu, Paxi, Preveza, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaka and Zakynthos.

Reason #1

Secluded Beaches.

You can spot beaches that are unknown to other tourists and even inaccessible to anyone without a boat and then come back after the rally and explore it without any interruptions.

Afales beach, Ithaca, Greece

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Reason #2

Exploring With Ease

Planning a day or two long trip exploring a small nearby Island and its port or quiet villages might be fun but that type of trip can be exhausting. The travel time and the accomodations might feel like they have taken up most of your valuable eploring time and the trip would be over before it started.

When you're sailing you have your suitcases on your boat and you do not need to worry about accomodations. You even have the luxury to stay longer if you feel like you need to explore more.

Gaios, Paxi

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Reason #3

From the Outside In

You can know a place like the back of your hand but looking at it from the sea gives you a different perspective. You also get to see ruins and natural formations that have slipped your attention while exploring directly on the island.

Kalamos Island

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Reason #4

Party Beaches

You don't always want to keep things quiet and relaxing. Sometimes you need to let loose and have fun. The Ionian Islands are not exactly like Mykonos but that doesn't mean they're not partying it up. After all this is the Mediterranean and there's always a party somewhere nearby.

There's nothing better than dropping anchor across a crowded beach and spending your day enjoying the summer heat under a shaddy umbrella listening to the DJ, sipping refreshing cocktails and watch as the afternoon crowd losens up and starts to dance on the bar.

Antipaxi Island

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Reason #5

Regional Cuisine

You can count the whole Ionian region as having it's own cuisine which is great as is, but on top of that each island has its own unique dishes.

Because the Ionian is right in between Greece and Italy you can expect some similarities in the cuisine. In fact during the Ottoman occupation the Ionian Islands experienced little control by the invading Turks due to Venetian Rule. In fact Corfu never experienced any Turkish rule whatsoever and the Ionian Island's upper class at one time spoke mainly Italian and even conveted to Catholicism.

This produced a unique cultural and linguistic culture but also a fun cuisine.

Some examples are Bourdeto, a fish dish from Corfu or Riganada from Lefkada, Sofigadoura from Zakynthos and Kreatopita from Kefalonia.


Photo Courtesy of Lutz Hirschmann

Assos, Kefalonia

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Sotirakos


Photo Courtesy of Thomas Sotirakos

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

Photo Courtesy of Spiro Vathis

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