A Greek Coffee House in Rome

In 1760, not far from the Spanish Steps of Rome, a Greek man named Nicola della Maddalena opened up a Coffee House which still stands today.

The Antico Caffe Greco is one of Europe's oldest cafe's. During Greece's Ottoman occupation many of the empire's merchants were Greek as well as Armenian and Jewish.

Photos Courtesy of Tommaso Manzi

To escape Ottoman rule many of the merchants set up coffee houses to secure a living without having to serve the Turks.

Photos Courtesy of Tommaso Manzi

If ever in Rome you can stop in and sip some coffee while sitting in the same place Lord Byron sat, or Goethe, King Ludwi, Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill and Orson Wells just to name a few.

Located on 84 Via dei Condotti in the Piazza di Spagna, Caffe Greco still has the who's who of today visiting and drinking coffee making it one of the worlds most popular cafe's.

Photos Courtesy of Tommaso Manzi

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