Notias Saffron Beer

The story of how Notias came about is one of friendship and one of reaching out to help.

A group of Belgians who vacationed in Greece, specifically in Tyros, Arkadia had made friends in the area over the years. As the economic crisis hit Greece they saw their Greek friends suffer.

Instead of sitting by and watching them endure the economic crisis they decided to take action. They had a great idea.

They first created a non-profit organization in Belgium so they can start the project they had envisioned.

The first responce was directly from the Scourmont Abbey in the province of Hainaut which we are familiar with its municipality of Chimay. The Scourmont Abbey supports itself through their beer production. We are all familiar with their famous Chimay Trapist beer.

With that huge greenlight the first thing they started doing is planting saffron in Arkadia which will help the whole region and then also help in the production of their product.

Chimay also helped by offering their botteling facility and the rest as they say is history.

Photo Courtesy of Rowena AKA Rubber Slippers in Italy

Notias Beer

A Belgian, special blonde ale in a 330ml bottle.

It is marketed only in Greece and Belgium for now.

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