Top 5 Best Homemade Gyros in Chicago

If you are from Chicago you definitely have had a gyros from Corfu, Kronos or Olympia. They are all amazing, and I enjoy them all (maybe too often) but you are pretty much familiar with their flavor by now.

What about something different, something homemade, fresh and unique?

We have selected the top 5 best homemade gyros in the Chicagoland area and I must say that we also had fun narrowing it down to the top 5. And by fun I mean binge eating gyros all over the city and burbs.

Which one is #1 you ask? Scroll down and take peak.

Oh and just to tease and make you drool a little bit, we included some 3D images of the gyros we ate.

Let's kick it off with a spot most Greeks have been to and a lot of Chicagoans love.

#5. Parthenon

314 S. Halsted St.

Chicago, IL 60661


The Parthenon restaurant has been around for a long time and it's a Chicago all time favorite. It claims that it invented the Chicago version of this Greek classic.

True or not you'll love their version of gyros.

OK now unbuckle your belt because we have 4 more spots to go.

#4. Nick's Drive-In

7216 N. Harlem Ave.

Chicago, IL 60631


We picked this one for you garlic lovers out there.

The juicy meat is seasoned just right to highlight the classical flavor with its heartier garlic kick. The tzatziki sauce isn't a typical thick consistency but it complements the garlic-centric gyros perfectly.

Eat In 3D

Instructions: No glasses needed. This is a "crossed eye" 3D image. Sit directly in front of the image on your PC or with a smartphone make sure the device is centered in front of you and not off to any particular side. Look in between the two images (directly in the middle of the whole image) and let your eyes cross a bit.

Make sure you do not tilt your head in any way. Keep it even with the image. When you start to cross your eyes the image will get blurry and you will see 4 or 3 images instead of two. Cross your eyes more or less to get a clear, focused image right in the center. Sometimes it helps to move further back or forward if it isn't coming into focus as well.

Warning: Please do not try and eat the screen. More importantly, if you have any eye muscle issues or feel like you're getting light headed please stop immediately. These are extremely rare issues but it's important to mention them here. We are not responsible if anything like this happens to you so please do this at your own risk.

I love our next restaurant. These guys do an all-around great job with their food. I'm getting hungry typing this! So when you order a gyros here why would you expect anything other than greatness?

#3 Back Yard Grill

6355 N. Pulaski Rd.

Chicago, IL 60646


1825 2nd St.

Highland Park, IL 60035


If you’ve never been here you’re missing out. Lots of great food selections but the gyros is a must. I would say it's the closest in flavor to the big boys of Gyros (Corfu, Kronos, Olympia) but it isn't as heavy.

If you're not able to head out to BYG right now you can pretend for a little. Check out another 3D view of one of our Top 5 Best Gyros of Chicago.

Are you getting excited yet? You are getting to the top 2 now and I have to admit these last two were tough. We were contemplating on ordering another round just to be sure. Or we were using that as an excuse to eat more.

This next restaurant is located in the sleepy North Shore and it's filled with fun surprises.

#2 Avli Estiatorio

566 Chestnut St.

Winnetka, IL 60093


It has its authentic dishes and its fun Greek dishes and it's even more fun Greek desserts. There are a lot of great things to try here that you won't find anywhere else but this is about homemade Gyros and man is it good.

Enjoy it outside in its heated patio and don't worry about the weather. They have an awesome retractable roof that's perfect for the unpredictable Chicago weather.

Another 3D gyros. Say Ahhhhh!

Drum roll please! Here is the #1 Homemade Gyros in all of Chicago! Are you ready? I said are you ready?

This place was amazing and it was originally located on Broadway and Belmont. Chicago's top chefs were known to eat there as well as Chicago Black Hawk Chris Chelios.

Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Homemade Gyros in Chicago is....

#1 Gyros On The Spit

2626 N. Lincoln Ave.

Chicago, IL 60657


One taste and you'll know why this is Chicago's number one homemade gyros. The secret recipe has been passed down to the original owner's son and we are ecstatic that he did that. When you go there make sure you order one to eat and another one or two to-go. Why? When you get back home or the next day you will wish you had another one. Trust me.

And of course we had to give you a 3D Gyros on the Spit gyros.

And since this is the best homemade gyros in town (and maybe even in the U.S. but that's for another article) we had to get you another 3D image.


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