Urban Calligraphy, The Story of a Unique Greek Street Artist

Athens is currently tackling its ugly graffiti issue, as it should be. But there's one man who's work will turn any public eyesore into a work of art.

Meet Simon Silaidis who's unique work has taken him around the world and back. Simon has taken Calligraphy and removed it from its normal place in the world so that he can breath life into dead structures, tranquility in a world of chaos and inner change for all of us.

That vision has flowered and his years of work have made a huge impact. It all started long ago when that desire, that fire had sent him to many places around the world to explore and learn calligraphy. The paper though was no longer serving him. It was too confined and Simon took to the streets.

Street art was freeing and it added another dimension to his work. He would have to scout a location and once it found him he had to translate it in order to allow for the piece to be fully realized.

After little exposure to the world Simon was quickly a wanted man.

Since those early days he has been contacted for countless interviews in several publications, commissioned for work in a 3D design studio, was called on by the world renowned designer Philippe Starck to do calligraphy work on all five floors of his Le Nuage in France (a very interesting building who’s exterior walls are inflatable) and Adam Opel’s Calligraphy Campaign in which Simon takes the Opel Corsa and turns it into a “brush” with the help of a stunt driver.

The unique combination of Asian, Arabic and western styles of calligraphy have given Simon some much deserved attention while giving us some much needed pride and enthusiasm for our talented Greek brothers and sisters.

Here are some of Simon's murals and other works. Please Enjoy.


The Unforgiven

Opel Calligraphy Campaign "The New OH"

In this video for Adam Opel’s Calligraphy Campaign Simon takes the Opel Corsa and turns it into a “brush” with the help of a stunt driver.

Check out the video


Seventh Heaven

Lucid Dream

Alex and Simon "back stage" at Lucid Dream


Commissioned work for 3D Graphix Creative Studio

Le Nuage (The Cloud)

“Le Nuage” by Philippe Starck (‘The Cloud’), Montpellier, France.




Circle of Life

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