Off to Naxos for Lunch or Dinner

Summer is basically here and many have already booked their tickets to Greece. Some, like me, don't want to plan their whole trip but instead do what feels right at the moment.

Some aren't going anywhere and just want to get away for a while mentally. A little Day Dream Getaway with the newest issue of a travel magazine or a search online.

Whatever the reason, you and I love to get away whenever we can and however we can. This is why you're here.

You want to see different lands, eat different foods, experience a different nightlife, be lazy on a beach and dine in a setting that isn't your norm.

What's in store for you today? Well, today you're eating on the Greek island of Naxos right on the beach.

So come on this way. You're table is ready.

Paradiso Tavern, Naxos Island, Greece

You're sitting in the most photographed restaurant on the island of Naxos and your waiter just dropped off some water and is coming right back.

When you dine at Paradiso Restaurant in Agia Anna you are here to experience authentic Greek cuisine with a few local touches. The food here is wonderful but what drew you here was the unique setting of a dozen traditional Greek tavern tables underneath a tree, on the sand, right on the ocean.

Naxos has several cheeses, meats and dishes not found anywhere else in Greece. Not all are served here but you can get a little sampling.

For sure you need to order potatoes as the potatoes from Naxos are known to be the tastiest in Greece. Not tasty in how they're prepared but the actual potato itself. Select from french fried, stuffed or oven potatoes.

Photo Courtesy of My Greece Travel Blog

Order some local sausage and cheese and if you're still not full get yourself a man course.

Make sure to leave room for dessert. Ask for the cheesecake with a Greek spoon sweet topping, preferably Citron spoon sweet as Citron is grown almost exclusively on Naxos.

Photo Courtesy of My Greece Travel Blog

Of course order the Citron Liqueur since you will most likely not find it anywhere else in Greece.

Photo Courtesy of My Greece Travel Blog

Hope you enjoyed your little getaway. Come back again for our next stop somewhere in Greece.

Till next time. Γεια χαρά!

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