Your New Favorite Greek Dessert You Never Knew Existed

This dessert comes from a city in the Peloponnese called Kalamata.

Kalamata is known for its olives, olive oil, figs and having the second oldest Chamber of Commerce in the Mediterranean.

The general food scene here is great with countless coffee houses, taverns and modern restaurants for all tastes and styles.

The good thing about Kalamata with its 75,000 resident is that the restaurant owners here, compared to most other parts of Greece, are not catering to tourists but to the locals. Combine that with the fact that much of the produce used in the restaurants is coming straight from their personal farms, you know you're going to love this town.

This is also where your new favorite Greek dessert can be found.

A bakery by the name of Hrisanthi (Χρυσανθη) has been making Tsoureki for many years. Tsoureki, for those who don't know is a type of Greek Challah and although in flavor it's practically identical to the Jewish Challah there are local variations that you'll not likely find in Jewish cuisine. Like my favorite which is made with mastic and mahlepi.

At Hrisanthi's you get the regular version but you also have one choice for an upgrade. You can add chocolate. Sounds simple enough but it's deceiving.

Your tsoureki gets sliced in half and you get a generous serving of Ion chocolate spread. Ion is a Greek Chocolatier that was founded in 1930 in Athens.

Then right when you think it's over the man dips your tsoureki chocolate sandwich in syrup and hands it to you.

You can never go back.

Photo Courtesy of Yiannis Sotirakos CLICK HERE

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