Constantine the Great from a Very Different Perspective

One day in 1934 a 37 year old secretary received a reading from a man telling her that she was the daughter of Constantine the Great in a past life. She was named Irene in that life and she helped people with moral issues regarding the changes of the empire. It went from prosecuting Christians to being Christian itself.

As much as Irene was a positive influence in that lifetime with care and understanding of the moral issues the citizens were having she was just as strict when law was broken.

Interestingly enough in her current incarnation she preferred a modest life and was against anyone who was egotistical, arrogant and acted cocky with their talents or achievements.

In view of the feast day of Saints Constantine and Helen I'd like to make this the start of a series of articles relating to this topic.

I'm not telling you to believe this or not but I'm presenting to you something from a different perspective. If anything, it can just be a good read.

A man by the name of Edgar Casey was born in the United States in 1877 and out of nowhere he developed this ability to read into someone's subconscious mind.

It was like he went into a deep sleep and just started talking in his sleep. In that sleep state it seemed like his higher self was able to excess other people's souls or their higher selves or their subconscious depending on how you'd want to view it. Because of that sleep like state he entered into he is also known as the sleeping prophet.

His readings included several topics like how everything began. Not historically, but the creation of everything. He also discussed lost lands, natural cures, ideal diets, spiritual ideals and of course the topic were on now, reincarnation.

He was able to travel to other dimensions to a place which was similar to a library except enormous in size. Edgar Cayce describes that in that library he was able to access the history of the soul he was doing a reading for. Not only for the current incarnation on earth but all previous lives and where the soul went in between incarnations.

Back to Constantine the Great.

You're more readings about people who worked in the household with Constantine the great and others and it helps paint us a picture of those days.

It seems that some people View of the changes as strict and not allowing for the free will of an individual with cruel laws if someone did not obey the new standards while others seem to view it as a welcome change compared to the persecution of the Christians.

Edgar Casey describe the era of the time of great change and confusion.

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