Propaganda Against Greece Goes Unnoticed with Whole Foods and Other Retailers

This is the perfect example of why you cannot have a country like The Republic of Macedonia keep the name they have. They are using it to try and make the history of Greece their own.

Here is how one of FYROM's wine makers chose to describe his wine.

First he says it's named after Alexander The Great which it isn't. He just wants to insert the name of Alexander just to associate his country with the history of Greece. After all Alexander and his family trace their roots to Argos on his father's side. His mother was daughter of Neoptolemus, King of the Molossians which means she was an Epirot and from the Aeacids

Next he says that this wine comes from the "birthplace of wine" which he says is in the mountains north of ancient Greece.

He's right that the country he is from was north of ancient Greece. It was called Paeonia and later Philip of Macedon conquered it and made it part of Macedonia. I do not think Mr. Jovanov meant it this way but I could be wrong. I believe he meant to tell the public - which might not be well versed in history and therefore except this little paragraph as truth - that The Republic of Macedonia is the Macedonia of antiquity.

Description of the area that this wine comes from by Giorgi Jovanov

This is terribly misleading and even though it might seem to be the absolute truth from Mr Jovanov perspective it is simply propaganda.

Even the argument that the Macedonians might not be Greek does not mean that the Slavs who settled in the region in the 6th century AD are Macedonians themselves. The culture, language, last names and customs of the people from The Republic of Macedonia have more in common with Bulgarians than anyone else.

This is just a sneaky attempt to pass along false information and hope that those people who do not know history will assume that The Republic of Macedonia is the continuation of Alexander the Great's Ancient Macedonia. In fact The Republic of Macedonia sits to the north of Ancient Macedonia.

This is disrespectful to Greece and Greeks throughout the world and I'm sure retailers like Whole Foods and Binny's do not have a fact checker on hand making sure no one is using propaganda on their products. It's our job though to point these things out to them so please share this article with all your friends.

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