Rebetiko Carnival, London

The Rebetiko Carnival takes place in London, England every year. Events will be held throughout the month of June in various locations throughout London.

This event brings together people of all backgrounds who share the same love of music. It especially brings together Greeks and people of the Balkans and Asia Minor. Here are some of the event dates you could see in London's Rebetiko Carnival.

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June 7, 2016 "Tabachaniotika" - Rebetika and Folk Songs of Crete Kalia presents the urban and folk music of Crete along with her own songs. Her quartet comprises of Vassilis Chatzimakris on the Cretan lyra and mandolin, Nikos Ziarkas on Cretan laouto and electric guitar, and Theodoris Ziarkas on double bass.

June 8, 2016 Homage to Nikos Papazoglou and the "Neo-Rebetika": Who Daid Rebetiko Is Dead? A tribute to the great Greek singer and songwriter Nikos Papazoglou, in the first part, and the new generation of Greek composers that followed his path in the second part (S. Malamas, T. Papakonstantinou, D. Zervoudakis, M. Lydakis, N. Portokaloglou).

June 12, 2016

The History of the Greek Folk Urban Song - Rebetiko

Rebetiko is a branch of Greek urban music that was accused, censored, banned and hunted down with every means of state repression. However, Rebetiko not only managed to transcend its origins, beyond prison walls and the margins of society, but also to thrive and dominate.

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