Cephalonia's Crepaland Now in Mykonos

Now Cephalonia's great street food and dessert spot will get to show off on one of Greece's top tourist island, Mykonos.

The idea started in Cephalonia but now there are over a dozen locations in Greece and Cyprus.

A well executed business with a central factory in Cephalonia that provides all the stores with its special crepe recipe. The factory is said to have the ability to accommodate over 150 locations making its goal to open up 60 new locations within the next 5 years a walk in the park.

Its newest location in Mykonos just opened up this year and it's already a big hit. With the publicity it already has and the publicity it's going to get in Mykonos its goal of 60 new locations in 5 years might happen even faster.

IFLGreece would like to congratulate the whole Crepaland Team in Mykonos. Keep up the good work.

Crepaland, Mykonos

Koyzh Georgoylh 50,

Mykonos Town 84600


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