The Greeks of Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos

Get a double dose of Greece's top DJ talents in one month. June 21 with George Siras and Dino MFU and June 29 with Dino MFU and Valeron

Tuesday, June 21st Cavo Paradiso presents G. Siras and Dino MFU.

Two great Greek talents on the decks in one of Greece's (and the worlds) most famous venue.

Partying to not one but two resident DJ's of a world renowned club is an experience you can't ford to miss.

G. Siras on facebook

Dino MFU on SoundCloud

Wednesday, June 29th

Dino MFU & Valeron

This time around Dino MFU is lined up with Valeron. Two of the few residents of Cavo Paradiso and a second chance to hear why they were the few that Cavo selected as one of its own.

Dino MFU on facebook

With his own Radio Show called "City Lights" this DJ/Producer from Corfu will amaze you with his groovy creations.

You can't expect anything less from the resident of Cavo Paradiso

Ilias Valaris is a Greek DJ you don't want to miss.

Valeron's official website

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