Sad to Say Goodbye. Gyros on The Spit Closing for Good.

Run! Grab your last favorite homemade gyros Chicago cause Gyros on The Spit is closing for good on Halloween eve.

In March of 2016 we had a Top 5 Best Homemade Gyros In Chicago post which put Gyros on The Spit in the #1 spot but we weren't the only ones with these results. Countless other websites had declared Gyros on The Spit as one of Chicago's best Greek restaurants.

What happened since then?

In a nutshell it has nothing to do with the amazing homemade Gyros, the awesome Spicy Feta or the kick ass Baklava Cheesecake.

You will not get your amazing Gyros after October 30th, 2016 because of the Chicago tax hikes. Yup! You heard right and this isn't the only place deciding to close up shop or relocate.

Many landlords in Chicago are practically doubling up their rents because of this and the city doesn't really care. It wants its money and either the landlord will take the hit or the business owner will be paying double.

But regardless of the reason please don't walk, run to get your last homemade Gyros. There's only about a week left so hurry. And for those who haven't tried Gyros on The Spit yet it might be best for you not to. It's better to not know what you're missing.

Lastly we want to wish the owner and the family good luck in whatever they do next but we beg that what's next is more Gyros. Maybe a food truck is the way to go? Fingers crossed.

Whatever they do we just want to say thanks for all the good times and of course all the amazing food. You will be missed.

Gyros On The Spit

2626 N. Lincoln Ave.

Chicago, IL 60657


Instructions: No glasses needed. This is a "crossed eye" 3D image. Sit directly in front of the image on your PC or with a smartphone make sure the device is centered in front of you and not off to any particular side. Look in between the two images (directly in the middle of the whole image) and let your eyes cross a bit.

Make sure you do not tilt your head in any way. Keep it even with the image. When you start to cross your eyes the image will get blurry and you will see 4 or 3 images instead of two. Cross your eyes more or less to get a clear, focused image right in the center. Sometimes it helps to move further back or forward if it isn't coming into focus as well.

Warning: Please do not try and eat the screen. More importantly, if you have any eye muscle issues or feel like you're getting light headed please stop immediately. These are extremely rare issues but it's important to mention them here. We are not responsible if anything like this happens to you so please do this at your own risk.

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