Greece's Most Unique Beer. Volcan Santorini Blonde

This Greek beer alone puts Greece on the map.

It's not your average beer. The ingredients are exotic and unique and every sip contains the history of the land.

First off the water is filtered through Santorini's Basalt rocks AKA lava rocks. Santorini had a massive volcanic eruption some time between 1642-1540 BC. The largest volcanic eruption in recorded history.

The water takes on the minerals from that filtration through the lava rocks and then the next ingredient is added which has never ever been used in beer.

This ingredient is a fruit that the Greeks brought back from Persia. It was during Alexander the Great's campaign to get revenge for the Persian invasion of Greece and the burning of Athens.

His army returned with a fruit we call Citrus Medica or Citron. Today you can find the main growing areas to be Naxos and Corfu. The essence of the leaves are used to give Volcan that refreshing Mediterranean citrus flavor.

Next comes the ingredient you can't find anywhere else in the world except in Santorini. Honey doesn't seem so unique but in Santorini when the famous dessert wine makers of Vin Santo let their sweet grapes sit in the sun to mature the local bees feed off of them and in turn produce a unique honey not found anywhere else.

This ingredient is added at the end and completes the Volcan Santorini Blonde flavor experience. Alekos Fasianos' artwork properly packages this unique beer and really gives it a Gr. Especially the eye on the bottle cap.

On top of all that Volkan is also an active part of the local community. It helps with the removal of trash through the and with the promotion of cultural projects with Santozeum.

On a national level it plays an active role in helping with the countries debt crisis by making their products part of the Greece Debt Free project giving 50 Euro cents for every Euro in profits.

Volkan Santorini Blonde produces a light head and its color is a golden straw color that is a little hazy. Great carbonation with a nice citrus and honey flavor and a medium body. Finishes nice and crisp.

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