Greece's Newest Cheese Craze

Rumors say that Talagani cheese was invented when a Cypriot family moved to Messinia. Their child married a local and because of tradition and the Cypriot families farming and dairy skills they merged the local Sfela feta cheese with Cyprus' Halloumi cheese and created Talagani.

It's not exactly like that but it sounds good. The truth is the Cypriot family did move to Messinia and started producing their version of Halloumi cheese which was simply made with 100% sheep's milk instead of a combo of goat and sheep's milk.

In 2008 Talagani won the World Cheese Awards and Talagani spread to the rest of Greece.

Each restaurant in the region serves Talagani in their own creative way. I've tried some in Nafplio, Sparta, Athens and Zakynthos. By far one of the tastiest was found at Elia Restaurant in Gialova, a town in Pylos, Greece.

They serve it with a traditional Greek spoon sweet made from red grapes.

But don't think that there isn't someone who makes it better.

Let us know who you think makes the best Talagani. Message here and let us know.

Enjoy your Greek Eats.

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