Sex and the Polis - Erectile Dysfunction In Ancient Greece

The ancient Greek tried in many ways to cure erectile dysfunction. The first way they tried to cure it was through aphrodisiacs which the term itself comes from Aphrodite.

As much as the Greeks used science and medicine along with logic to fix their problems religion or belief of higher powers was always incorporated within daily life.

There were many recipes and cures and Pliny the elder had the most. One was with leeks and other vegetables and herbs and even animal genitalia but it all went in wine pretty much. Maybe the wine was the real secret aphrodisiac, who knows.

But Aristotle came up with a doozy. He for some reason, hopefully a very logical one, removed something from the inside of a dried up beetle. In my opinion that is the opposite of an aphrodisiac.

As we were saying it wasn’t only about science and medicine. There were also prayers. Of course the Greeks had a God who would help in these specific cases.

This was the God Priapus who had a permanent erection and a very large one at that. For some reason he was also the God of vegetables, fruits, livestock, and gardens. Oh and masculinity and genitals because, I guess you need to eat healthy and be in a good environment to support such a large hard on.

Moving along, we see that if eating the insides of beetle and animal testicles doesn’t help you you’ll need to start praying or else your woman will run away.

So we’ll leave you with a discovery of a desperate ancient Greek man’s prayer to Priapus that said:

“While you’re alive I’m hopeful rustic guard / Come. Bless me, stiff Priapus: make me hard:”

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