The Greekness of The Ottoman Turks, Part I

The Greekness of the Ottoman Turks

Mehmed II is responsible for the conquest of Constantinople. Once he took hold he gave himself the title of Caesar of the Roman Empire and was also recognized as such by the Eastern Orthodox Church. He spoke several language with Greek, of course, being one of them.

Occupying the seat of the capital meant he was the new ruler of Byzantium and tried to become the continuation of the Byzantine Empire. Perhaps his biggest claim to the Empire was that of his bloodline that linked him directly to the Byzantine Imperial family through John Tzelepes Komnenos.

Sultans married to Greek royalty or having Greek lineage started with Orhan I, the second Ottoman Bey but it didn’t end there. To legitimize their entry into the empire the Ottomans continued to marry Byzantine Royalty eventually having more Greek and European blood than actual Turkish by the time we get to the last few sultans.

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