We Found "The Greek Element" at Harry's Pizza in Miami

We've ran into the Greek Element over at Harry's Pizza. A great Italian pizza joint with amazing food.

The best part of finding a "Greek Element" is that you get to taste something familiar and cultural done in a different way.

It's like a little vacation from your traditional meals. More than that it also helps stimulate our creative juices and let's us invent more Greek dishes as well as Greek fusion food. Greek Giant Beans

The first dish we ordered was the Gigante Beans Escarole and Pecorino salad. We typically as Greeks like our Gigantes in a tomato sauce but these flavors come together so well.

The gigantes with the salami and cheese bounces you back and forth from Greek to Italian, obviously more Italian and making wonder of how we can incorporate gigantes in some Greek salad.

Obviously it's not all Greek (but then you think of the Greek settlers of Nea Polis AKA Napoli and the blending of Greek, Etruscan and Roman flat bread cooking techniques and then you think that's another Greek element but maybe best for another post). Their pizza selection is amazing. It's creative and delicious.

The second "Greek Element" came with dessert. A nice Panna Cotta topped off with visino. Greeks love sour cherries with their ice cream and this was very close to that.

It turns out the Panna Cotta gets different toppings all the time so this was great timing for me.

A panna cotta a friend of mine got a few months later was Greek coffee and hazelnut praline. What? That sounds amazing!

Harry's Pizzeria is an amazing place with great pizza and basically everything else.

Go with friends and share several dishes and don't skip dessert. Or beer.

You have two locations to choose from in Miami's Design District and Coconut Grove with a third under way.

For more info visit their site Harry's Pizzeria

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