Awesome Greek Facts - The Birth of Alexander the Great

There were many strange signs regarding Alexander the Great’s birth.

One is of Olympia of Epirus, Alexander’s mother. Before consummating her marriage she had a dream of a lightning bolt hitting her womb with sparks spreading “far and wide”. It seemed like this symbolized Zeus was the father (or having something to do with the child).

The other strange sign is Alexander’s father, Philip II after consummating his marriage he also dreamt of placing a seal on Olympia’s womb with an engraved lion on it.

Besides those two dreams there was another sign that made things seam that his birth was special. On the day Alexander was actually born Philip II received a message stating that general Parmenion defeated the forces of Illyrians and Peonians. On top of all that he received another message stating that his horse won in the Olympics.

Philip took that as a great omen but a stranger sign was what happened in Ephesus. The temple of the Patron Goddess of Asia Minor, Artemis, who is the Goddess of fertility, virginity, the hunt, the moon (usually depicted as a crescent), wilderness and wild animals had caught fire.

She’s also the Goddess who helps midwives and therefore she’s the Goddess of birth and for this reason when her temple had caught fire it was said that the the Goddess was busy attending Alexander’s birth.

Alexander was born around July 20th 356 BC.

It turns out that all those signs were right. Alexander at that time built an empire that controlled the known world of that time and he is considered the greatest tactical conquerers of all time.

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