Jesus' Teachings Come From The Ancient Worlds Mystery Schools

A group of Christians in Asia Minor were chased out by the Romans and as they were fleeing for their lives they ended up burying their books in Egypt so no one can destroy their records. These books were discovered slowly over time and strangely enough Edgar Cayce the psychic who was better known as “The American Prophet” talked about them and their beliefs prior to most of their discoveries. Some of the writings are said to be older than even what exists in the New Testament.

Jesus is said to have come to Earth to fulfill a prophesy, the law, which is also said to be part of the Ancient Mystery Schools. It is said that it isn’t to fulfill what was interpreted in the Old Testament but the more accurate Kabbalah which was the Jewish version of the teaching of the Mystery Schools. The Mystery Schools were found in places like Greece, India, Persia and Babylonia.

Interestingly enough the ancient teachings as well as Jesus’ teachings are the same and even tie into today’s science. Edgar Cayce points out that many came in the past with the “Christ Consciousness” but Jesus was the main “pattern” to follow in order to break free from our physical entrapment here on Earth. This “entrapment” is of the soul or energy body that is in the physical body.

These comparisons to Jesus do not mean that they had the “Christ Consciousness” but they show that the ancient world was actually aware of this need to free the soul from a type of captivity. Even though I’m not taking sides or saying what is or isn’t right I will say that you should be prepared to connect the distant past to today through the Ancient Mystery School teachings, Jesus and science and finally see the big picture.

We know that December 25th isn’t the exact day of Jesus’ birth and that the dates specified the winter solstice. Nevertheless it was a date of birth by many including Dionysus who was the son of God [Zeus] and his mother was a virgin and a mortal. Dionysus was placed in a cradle surrounded by animals. The God of wine – who also turned water into wine- traveled and performed miracles, had a procession that he rode in on a donkey, he was killed and his body was chopped up and eaten for people’s purification and finally went into the underworld and rising from the dead in three days.

Apollonius of Tyana was another ancient person with “Christ Consciousness” but he didn’t have as many similarities compared to Dionysus. He was however around at the same time as Jesus, he also performed miracles and ascend into heaven.

Several other ancient deities are said to have similarities and I do want to point out that I’m not saying that Jesus is a copy of them or to downplay one over the other. I’m just pointing out that there’s a common theme between the ancient world and today’s religions regardless of how much we think Christianity, Judaism and other religions are separated from them.

In fact some think all religions are a continuation of some main prehistoric religion or belief and this religion has continued to survive today through the different people and the different cultures of the world.

Now that we have compared the three let’s add something from quantum physics. If you don’t know what quantum physics is or haven’t read about the general idea of what quantum physics is I’ll give you a quick crash course.

Ready? Here goes. It’s the study of the smallest particles and how the universe works on this extremely small scale. A lot of weird things happen here. Time can move forwards and backwards (even some well-respected physicists are seeing how the future can affect the past), particles exist where you look meaning they appear where an observer decides to looks (very strange), atoms not only vibrate but go in and out of existence, matter consists of mostly energy and barely any actual matter so a particle can be better described like a bit of information more than something physical and lastly a conscious mind can affect particles.

Now that you’ve got the idea also keep in mind that science is now exploring the idea of a consciousness affecting our reality, the reality we can see with the naked eye and not only the one in the subatomic world.

Another fact to remember is that we exist in a three dimensional world and as conscious beings in this three dimensional world our view of things is in 3D obviously. Christianity states that God is the Trinity and there is the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit but the three are actually one.

It’s not just our way of describing an all-encompassing God but think of who you are. As humans we have a life force, we have a mind and we have a body.

Another important fact relating to the trinity is that mind also has shown us that it shapes our body. In fact the study of mind and how we learn shows that the mind and body can work together or separately but not without the body first learning from the mind. How does all this relate to Jesus and the Ancient Mystery Schools? You’ll see how very soon.

First I have a little more to explain. We have seen how repeated thoughts create the cells of the body to take shape based on the proteins those thoughts send to them. Then we have seen how when we want those thoughts to stop the cells actually send signals to the brain to force it to keep sending the same proteins based on specific thought patterns. The cells basically want to continue being fed, similar to an addict needing their fix.

As was just said, thoughts activate glands and make proteins in the brain that enter the bloodstream and attach to our cells so we can feel what we’re thinking. Repeating this process over years makes the cells take control and thus puts the body in charge and not the mind.

This is when we start to live for the “material” world which is named as sin by religions, not because it’s bad but because the experience of the world traps you and stops you from functioning with the mind.

The mind has the ability to change matter and therefore with mind we are not bound and trapped by the material.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one main person known for this research in these functions of body and mind and the quantum field. Because of this research we can better understand what the ancient religions and today’s religions are trying to tell us. You’ll hear him frequently say “the Word becomes flesh”, meaning our bodies become our thoughts. Our bodies have learned from the mind and because of the chemical addiction of the body –which is necessary to keep us going in life- takes over the thought process. The body will keep us going in the same direction yet if we free the mind we will be able to overcome the “karma” which are the programs we have given the body.

You can also check out Lissa Rankin MD who also looks into how the mind is stronger than our chemistry because it commands the chemistry. She also explains how control of the mind or actually how the programs already given by the mind can be used as a tool to heal the body or even harm the body.

The reason I point all of this out is because according to ancient knowledge, Jesus was a man who achieved Christ consciousness and was the perfect embodiment of God. In other words he thought a certain way and those thoughts made him become the whole living God because his body took the form of his thoughts and his life was lived in that way.

Edgar Cayce said when Jesus spoke of the Father he was talking about mind, when he spoke about the Son he meant the body and when he spoke of the Holy Spirit he was talking about the soul. So if Jesus can be your savior by being the pattern you need to follow what does that actually mean?

Going back to quantum physics we are told by evidence in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work that you can cause specific outcomes in your life by combining thought and feeling and actually measuring a response from your surroundings. Even if you are not a believer of his work you can try an experiment at home in order to get feedback and see for yourself if this actually works.

I suggest reading up on an experiment done by Ellen Langer Professor of Psychology at Harvard. Maybe start with an article called “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?” in The New York Times or do a search on her in Harvard Magazine for her experiments. Her experiment shows how you can reverse age with the mind alone.

Why do we need to follow that pattern Jesus set? Because it is said we are all from the same source and we can also become more energy than matter and affect the quantum field to our desired outcome.

How much of your reality can you actually create? Did the ancients understand this better? Can we combine our mind, body and soul to produce our desired outcome in the physical world? We’re actually doing it right now through our personality and the results are what we experience in everyday life.

What would you make of this verse in the bible below if you understand what reality actually is and you know you could shape it as you wanted? Think of it based on the scientific proof we have today?

Mark 11:23-24

Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

This was not an exaggeration and this has nothing to do with The Secret. The Secret by the way isn’t far off but it only gives you the end result of a prepared mind. We’ll leave the details of that for another article.

Science said that we have a measurable effect on our reality when we believe in a specific outcome and can see it clearly in our minds without any doubts as if it’s already occurred. When you do not have a doubt what is it that you do? You live every day without worry, without the ego-self trying to control an outcome and with pure joy, unconditional love and the love of the creator of the universe.

So doesn’t this sound like religious viewpoints? The part of the bible verse that says once you believe something in your heart it will be done for you is another discovery of science. Anyone who has created a measurable outcome from combining thought and feeling was relaxed and didn’t look to see where their creation came from but just trusted that it would show up when it was supposed to.

So the quantum field brought it when it was time and the person did not pay attention as to how it would get there, no details of how it worked or what needed to happen for this to appear.

So Jesus showed us how to not get trapped in matter but be our higher selves and not be condemned to the laws of matter which lead to death. So we have a new view of Free Will and we see that God isn’t someone sitting up in heaven judging the good and bad but the life-force and the energy of everything in existence including us.

These are teaching of the Ancient Mystery Schools. As Edgar Cayce said “no one goes to heaven, they grow to heaven”.

Merry Christmas

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