The Ambassador of House Music is Greek

We were just a bunch of high school kids. It was sometime between the late 80's and early 90's.

Back then it was cool to cruise Harlem Ave. and blast house music hoping you could meet some girls.

Every corner bar and even restaurants converted to a club on the weekends and a local DJ was spinning house music. Who knew house music from Chicago would sweep across the globe.

One day after leaving a party and of course blasting the local radio stations house mix we all of a sudden hear a track where the guy says "se thelo piso (I want you back in Greek)" and we all turned and looked at each other.

We were like "was that Greek just now?" and my friend who was driving said "yup".

We were proud and happy to hear something Greek from a House track. After all everyone loved house so having something Greek in it was something positive for us Greeks. We could say one of our own was also participating in this world wide movement.

When we asked around about what we heard we found out later that the track was titled "Baby Come Back" and it featured Connie V. who was also Greek.

The track was created by none other than Georgie "mixin" Porgie who's actual name is George Andros. He also goes by G. Andros, Georgie Porgie and GP.

If you look and see what George Andros has accomplished today you'll understand why he holds the title of "The Ambassador of House Music".

He holds the longest running dance record label in the United States, has remixed for legends like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Crystal Waters and many more.

He isn't just a bad ass here in the US but overseas as well. He has sold millions of records since the start of his career and he holds 25 #1 records in 18 countries.

He is a DJ, song writer, singer, remixer and record producer.

This guy is on fire and we are proud of his amazing success. In fact the whole city of Chicago and the house music scene is proud of him and they recognized this amazing talent when Billboard Magazine named George Andros the Top 10 Dance Artist of the Decade back in 2010.

He also did a filter mix for Anna Vissi's "Call Me"

Here's the track that got our attention back in the early 90's when Georgie "Mixin" Porgie threw in some Greek vocals in his track. At 2:12 he throws out his Greek and right after Connie V. does her part.

Thanks for putting us on the map GP!

Check out Georgie Porgies official website Georgie Porgie

Stay on for more amazing Greek artists and events.


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