The New Year Pomegranate Smash Cocktail Game (Recipe Inside)

Greek New Year tradition says that when you roll a pomegranate with force at your door and smash it open, the amount of pomegranate seeds that come out is the amount of good fortune you will have in the new year.

As fun as that tradition is, we here at IFLGreece like to also put a twist on tradition.

We combined the luck of the new year with alcohol. Fun right?!

Here is how it works. You make a champagne cocktail called "The Pomegranate Smash" that's enough for your guests (recipe below) and instead of rolling a pomegranate at your door you smash it over your drinks.

The one with the most seeds wins and of course has great luck in the new year. You can even award a prize to the winner that comes straight from St. Basil himself.

You can adjust the rules as you desire. You can keep refilling the cocktails and adding seeds until there's no more left or until your guests need to be cut off or it can be a game that goes through one round of drinks. The choice is yours.

However you play the game remember to drink responsibly. Never drive or handle any type of machinery and most importantly, have fun!

Happy New Year!


1/2 oz. vodka

1 oz. lemonade

Top off with Champagne

Garnish with pomegranate seeds


Place all your champagne flutes on a table next to one another forming a circle or box. Add the vodka and lemonade first.

Next cut your pomegranate in half and take turns with each half hitting the back side (the side that isn't cut) with a spoon right over the champagne flutes so the seeds can fall out randomly. Use one half or both halves depending on number of guests.

Then top off all the flutes with champagne. Preferable a dry one. Enjoy.

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