DJ Demi, UK

DJ Producer Demi Hajigeorgiou is a Greek Cypriot from London. His talent was recognized with his first residency in Bali (Double Six) and then more so on his return home to the UK.

With his skills more fine tuned in Bali Demi just took off from there. He launched his own event titled Deeper Substance which attracted many other big name DJ's. From there other DJ talents invited him to perform along side them internationally and his fame was sealed.

Next came more residencies in Toronto and Montreal and he was also nominated as Best Newcomer DJ in Ibiza. He went on to launch his own label and also started remixing. One of his most popular remixes was a collaboration with LA producer Trifactor. They remixed David Bowie's "Let's Dance"and Virgin Records fell in love with it signing Demi and Trifactor for their David Bowie Remixes and Unreleased music compilation.

An alliance that the house music world will never forget came when Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid16B united their talents to form SOS (Sex On Substance). SOS performed all over the world from Ibiza to Miami and everywhere in between.

Demi's musical grooves could have hit you without you recognizing them because he also goes by Toby Flowers, Shepherds and Wood Drift. He also doesn't just own Deeper Substance Records but Eyetone as well so be sure to look for his work under all these different names.

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