The Greek DJ List, Featuring DJ Hatiras from Toronto

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George Hatiras' involvement in music began when he was only 12 years old when he was making and selling mix tapes. His passion was big and out of this world which is why he has released over 400 singles and 7 albums today. He's also a 6 time Juno Award nominee and he walked away with a Juno and a Socan award twice for Best Dance Artist in Canada.

In 93' Hatiras and a couple of friends formed Liquid Adrenaline which was a promotion company that grew to hold events up to 10,000 people. This was the largest dance music event in all of North America. Many A-List artists performed at the Liquid Adrenaline events and it was this platform that launched Hatiras to the next level.

When he collaborated with Chicago house legend Bad Boy Bill on Interntional House Records releasing "Liquid Adrenaline Sessions 1" it became an instant hit and his career skyrocketed.

In 2014 we saw more of his raw talent when he released "Message From 04244". He shot the videos himself but he also designed the set and edited them. The album had 9 tracks and the videos of each track linked into one full movie.

Each year he's releasing amazing tracks, touring and just staying at the top of the music scene and he owes some of that ability, vision and talent to living partially in South Africa, Switzerland and Greece while predominantly growing up in Toronto, Canada. Or maybe its because he's also from another Galaxy!!!

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