DJ's Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman

The DJ team of Dimitrios Vardalis and Andreas Wiman are two Greeks from Sweden and they're better known as Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman.

From an early age they both enjoyed all kinds of music from all era's and genre's which includes Greek Folk music but electronic music was the platform for them to express themselves in. They chose electronic music because it would give them full control of all sounds by giving them the ability to add bits and pieces of all genres of music into their tracks.

These two Greek-Swedish hero's have released many tracks on different labels and have collaborated with some of the worlds top DJ/Producers for both regular productions and remixes.

For example, they've released music on SIZE, Sony Music and Virgin EMI and have remixed for Max Vangeli, Tiesto and Lo-Fi-Fnk to mention a few.

Both of these talents had great support from their families when they got started in their music careers and if you pair that with their desire and dedication you'll understand their success.

We're proud of our brothers from Sweden and can't wait to hear them on the dance floor. Thank you both for your hard work and for giving Greeks around the globe another reason to be proud.

SoundCloud / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter for Dimitri Vangelis / Twitter for Wyman

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