What's a Greco Caffe?

Greek coffee is great and healthy according to Dr. Oz (surprised he called it Greek coffee since he's Turkish) but it's not modern. At least not in the states.

I believe the rich flavor of Greek coffee is something Americans would absolutely love so I created the Greco Caffe that takes a vanilla almond milk steamed topper.

I used to love a double Greek coffee with milk in the morning. I'd dip Greek biscotti AKA biscota in it and I was in heaven. I called it a "Greek Breakfast" because in Greece not too many people actually eat breakfast.

One day as I was making myself a double Greek coffee I glanced over at the mini cappuccino machine I had in my kitchen and said why can't I do a foamy milk topper?

I tried it and loved it. I made some for my non-Greek friends and they loved it. They had to get used to the "mud" on the bottom which was the fine coffee grounds but since Dr. Oz said it's healthy it was worth it.

You can make your own Greco Caffe at home. Here's the recipe. Enjoy!

Ingredients: 2/3 cup of water 1 ½ - 2 tbs of Greek coffee Sugar to taste Almond Milk (vanilla or regular) Prep: Keep in mind that this is a double Greek coffee recipe. Make sure you use a larger than a single demitasse sized briki and cup. Opt for a regular coffee mug instead. Mix all the ingredients except the almond milk into a briki and set over a low flame. Stir well and allow time to boil. Once the coffee starts boiling and starts rising immediately remove from fire and pour into a regular coffee cup. Froth about 1/3 cup of Almond Milk and top the coffee.

How to Turn Your Coffee 3D First look in between both images and cross your eyes until the two merge into one. Once you do that you might need to move your head closer in or further back from the image or cross your eyes a little more or less until the image is focused and appears in 3D.

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