A Greek IPA That's Winning The Hearts of Americans

Voreia is an American IPA that you would swear was made in the States. A bittersweet IPA with caramel, a citrus blend of orange and grapefruit and a medium body and good carbonation. It pours with an off-white foam top that quickly dissolves and is amber in color but a bit more on the deeper orange side.

The aroma is of American hops but it is not overpowering. The smell is more of a stronger bitter hops but Voreia is very well balanced in actual taste.

This is an amazing beer and it is perfect for the American palate. The Siris Micro Brewery is located in Serres, Central Macedonia which is the second largest city next to Thessaloniki in the region.

Northern Greece in general is producing great beers and wines due to its unique climate.

Please enjoy responsibly.


How to Turn Your Beer 3D First look in between both images and cross your eyes until the two merge into one. Once you do that you might need to move your head closer in or further back from the image or cross your eyes a little more or less until the image is focused and appears in 3D.

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