Zakynthos, Where the Serbs Come to Party (Video)

At least two beach bars in Laganas have yearly Serbian parties. One main one is at Cubaneros Cocktail Bar.

The music is pumping, the drinks are flowing and a dip is the only thing that will cool you off with all these beautiful people around you.

Cubaneros Serbian Party, Zakynthos, Greece

Laganas Beach is home to many different parties with charter planes coming like clock work in the summer months.

You'll find some of the locals here, grabbing a few reclining lounge chairs with a mini table for their Freddo's and an umbrella for some shade.

Cubaneros Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos

That's totally OK, however at night you won't catch too many locals at the clubs and bars. It's mainly young tourists who still haven't learned how to hold their liqueur yet that flood the streets here.

It's like a spring break type of place and it's slammed packed from June to August with many teenage and twenty something tourists.

As fun as this place is the reason locals don't typically come here because these teenagers typically drink more than they can handle and it's more noticeable after midnight.

Come enjoy the beach, the beach bars, restaurants and the music. Each little beach bar has it's own sound. From loungy house to classical rock, to hip hop and jazz.

The Serbian bars will be the loudest but this is a large stretch of beach so you can take your pick of places to enjoy your swim. I always want to go where the party's at.

The water is shallow for about thirty yards in and for that reason you'll find volleyball nets set up in the water and plenty of families with children in certain areas.

A lot of people watching as many walk back and forth as the go scope out a nearby island that can be accessed by bridge. It has a cafe and a club on it and both are secluded but that's for another article.

There are paddle boat rentals and other water sports available.

Overall Laganas is a great place for Serbs and all tourists alike but avoid the nightlife scene. It's too dangerous.

Watch Video Now of Cubaneros Serbian Beach Party

Laganas Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

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