Greek Ribs?

A while back there was a food channel episode on ribs. Turns out one of the est ribs in the country were at a BBQ restaurant owned by a Greek who used Greek spices on them.

I was hoping more Greek restaurants would have some non typical Greek dishes that they've Greekafied. Or is it Greekasized? Whatever the terminology is the point is people love unique and creative dishes these days.

State & Main has created a simple yet tasty appetizer called Greek Ribs. Perfectly seasoned and accompanied by a side of tzatziki sauce making this the perfect dish for the old school Greeks who went through all the credits at the end of a movie just to find one Greek name.

Be proud all you Greek lovers but it's OK if you're not feeling patriotic every time you visit. They have great burgers and a nice selection craft beers as well as both domestic and imports.

There are some other Greek choices or I should actually say "Mediterranean" choices like the Mediterranean Pita Wrap.

Enjoy your Greek adventures and we will keep on hunting them down for you.

Kali Orexi!

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