Tahini in Greece is Way More Fun!

Tahini is becoming more and more popular in the US mostly because of hummus. This is a good thing because tahini is healthy but on it's own not many people like it, especially kids.

You can find organic, non GMO tahini but it's not flavored. The tahini in Greece comes in many flavors such as Orange, Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut and Mastic.

This is perfect for some dessert recipes, on your morning toast and for a twist on your peanut butter sandwiches. You can use it for healthy salad dressing and even for healthy shakes. Most importantly you can get the kids to try some.

With chocolate you could even make chocolate tahini bars, cookies and brownies.

Chocolate Tsoureki (Challah) is another great treat but you can combine chocolate and orange tahini frozen bars.

For those who they themselves travel or that have family members that travel back and forth from Greece you can stock up with each trip. Those who don't can order online.

The Hai Foods company has the most flavors online including tahini with probiotics, sweetened tahini and tahini and honey.

Check out their site for all their options and enjoy.

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