The Greek Element at Belcampo, CA

An organic butcher shop you'll fall in love with. It has several locations in California and many of its locations are also operating as a butcher shop and restaurant.

The focus and Greek Element here is the Lamb Burger.

Photo Courtesy of Amparo Rios

Not every location has the same menu which makes things more of an adventure when traveling. What is really great about Belcampo is that they're also a farm.

Photo Courtesy of Amparo Rios

They provide pasture raised and pasture finished meats which is a lot healthier and also better for the environment. Check out the difference between Belcampo's farming methods vs the conventional way here.

The farm is located at the base of Mount Shasta in Northern California and has 20,000 acres of organic land. The secret to their success is simple. They let their animals free. They believe that they should be raised based on their natural behaviors and they don't stop there.

Photo Courtesy of Amparo Rios

They plant many different plants on their land based on what will return more nutrients back to the land as well as offer animals the variety they need to feed and and be healthy. So every cut delivers healthy fats and vitamins but they don't stop there either.

They also do not have waste like many of the other large scale big corporate owned farms. They use parts others would throw out for things such bone broth soups.

Photo Courtesy of Amparo Rios

Now that we know how awesome Belcampo is let's talk about the Lamb Burger. In the past each location had a slightly different version mainly based on Mediterranean ingredients.

Some were a bit more North African and Middle Eastern while other locations had a more Greek inspired version. Now it seems one style has dominated each location. It's a thick patty with black garlic aioli and onion sprouts. With the practices of Belcampo this will be a Lamb Burger that will taste like a Greek Village festival done up in an American style.

If you're not from California and are not visiting anytime soon you can order Balcampo products online when available. For more info check them out online. Visit the Belcampo Website Here


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