Something Exciting is Brewing at Cupitol

A little bit European, a little bit American and a little bit Greek but the vibe is more of a cafe you'd find in Athens.

What's special about this place is that it has Freddo coffee. Of course there are other coffees you can have and love but what makes Freddo special is beyonf flavor.

You don't drink a Freddo only for the taste but for what it represents. For most people Freddo represents Greece, vacation, relaxation, sun, people watching, beautiful town squares and culture.

To drink a Freddo means to connect to your roots or to a stress free summer getaway. Cupitol provides this for you and does so beyond the coffee.

Bringing in familiar and unique items makes sure those who aren't ready to explore do not feel the pressure. Those who want something familiar or something different can find it here.

The cafe is separated in two sections. One that's more of a coffee house setting and one section for dining. It's all very welcoming and cozy with it's modern urban decor.


You have two locations to select from. River East located on 455 E. Illinois St. in Downtown Chicago and Evanston on 812 Grove St.

For more info check them out online at


Here's what the Chicago Tribune had to say about Cupitol

Chicago Tribune Review of Cupitol

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