Put this Greek Dinner "High" On Your List. (Iron Chef Cat Cora Cooks With Marijuana)

Not only is she an Iron Chef but Cat Cora is also the first chef to cook Greek food with marijuana.

Viceland along with Bong Apetit team up with Iron Chef Cat Cora for a Greek dinner that has an illegal, I mean secret ingredient you nevr thought of adding yourself. Well, maybe a few times back in college.

The Greeks who experimented in their college years could luckily sneak this ingredient past their parents because they just labeled it "my oregano, don't touch" and the old school and straight from the Greek village mom and dad didn't suspect a thing.

Luckily they weren't making loukoumades with it because who could resist grabbing one or two pieces.

Now that we know all the health benefits of cannabis it's no longer looked at as a recreational drug but useful in many ailments. So go ahead, make some authentic Greek food and let mom and dad have a try as well. Just make sure it's a weekend and they have no plans.

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