This Famous Greek Spirit is Now Also Made in America (Americanaki Ouzo)

Slowly Greeks around the world are incorporating their cultures cuisine into the country they live in. It doesn't matter if you were born and raised outside of Greece because knowing Greece will make you feel homesick.

When you feel homesick you'll need to do something to bring part of your motherland back to where you are. Nathan Greenwalt did just that.

A Greek-American, literally half Greek and half American who grew up in Brighton Michigan opened up a distillery in Madison, Wisconsin.

He attended college in Wisconsin and grabbed himself a job to support himself through school. He worked at a beer and wine store which helped to inspire him later on in opening Old Sugar Distillary.

What's great about Nathan's creation is that he didn't just recreate an ouzo but created an ouzo that is balanced between the Greek and the American palate.

Instead of a direct infusion which he claims is too pungent his company does what is called a mini-infusion in a similar manner that gin is made using juniper. This way the star anise is milder and smoother for the American palate.

If you're in the Madison area stop in their Tasting Room and try a few of their creative ouzo cocktails like the Greek Negroni and Root beer. Better yet just order your own bottle online by clicking here and scrolling down to the Old Sugar Distillery section.

Lastly it is probably up to you weather you cheers with an OPA! or a Yippe ki-yay! Both are proper etiquette for an Americanaki Ouzo.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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