America's First Freddo Roast Coffee Bean Is Here (

Freddo is now in the US of A. You no longer have to find that one cafe that makes it or even worse, wait till you go to Greece to have it.

Aletho Coffee Co. out of Chicago is roasting their espresso specifically for Greek Freddo. The Freddo roast is a great roast for several reasons. One is because Greeks can make their Freddo's and those who don't make Freddo can still make any other espresso based drink they want.

They don't only make one Freddo but 3 main ones and a seasonal one. They make Freddo Chill Blend which consists of 50% Tarrazu coffee beans, 30% Brazilian beans and 20% Colombian coffee beans. It's a light roast and makes an amazing well balanced Freddo.

The second is DaVest Espresso, Freddo Roast made with a great Honduras coffee bean. Its great for a slightly stronger Freddo. It is light in taste but with a little more caffeine for those looking for that extra push they need in the day. Also available as a gourmet Greek Coffee.

The seasonal one is one you'll run to if you're a fan of Pumpkin Spice. This is the first ever Pumpkin Spice Freddo and it's the best one we've had. The reason why is because the only use real spices and not synthetic flavors. Try this one now before it's gone.

Lastly we have the most unique and rare coffee there is, The Bacchus Bean. Grown between vineyards of Merlot this coffee merges with the flavors of the grapes and creates a unique coffee that you can drink hot or cold. When you try it cold (or room temperature) it is recommended that you drink it from a wine glass.

Only 100 pounds of this coffee is grown and it has a whopping price tag of $400.00. It is currently out of stock due to the hurricanes that passed through in recent months. By December they will know if the next batch was effected by the hurricanes as well. Stay tuned for this one. You can have this as a Freddo, Drip Coffee and Greek Coffee.

Moving on to the Drip Coffees we will start to one that's a tribute to George Michael. It's a breakfast blend called "Wake Me Up Before I Go Go" and it's a light and smooth roast with a little extra kick of caffeine.

The drip coffee that represents the company is Aletho's Costa Rica Dota. A premium coffee bean that you'll fall in love with instantly. This coffee is better than any coffee chains best bean or roast. You'll never get any other coffee again and this is the best coffee to give as a gift to friends or family and is available in 8 oz or 16.

We're thankful that quality coffees are available just a click away and we are very thankful we can have Greek style coffee's in the comfort of our own home.

To order now log onto Aletho Coffee Co at

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