Don't Let That Open Carton of Eggnog Go To Waste (A Greek Use For It)

Leftovers are expected and welcomed after the holidays. Ham, turkey, lamb and beef can be turned into great sandwiches and more. Wine, spirits and beer will e used over the next week for sure but what about eggnog? Of course you can finish it off in the next few days but please don't toss it out.

Before you do the dishes the next morning, finish cleaning up or just admire all the gifts you got make yourself a Frappe. This time replace your milk with your remaining Eggnog.


1 Tbs Nescafe Frappe

Sugar to taste (3 tsp for sweet, 2 for medium sweet)

1 oz Eggnog or to taste

Hand Shaker or Milk Shake Blender




In a hand shaker or milk shake blender add sugar first (it helps the coffee not stick to the bottom) and then the Nescafe Frappe. Add enough water to just cover the sugar and coffee. Cover your hand shaker and shake for about 20 seconds or blend in milk shake blender until the mixture is a nice thick and frothy texture.

Next add 1/4 to 1/2 a glass of ice in a regular 8 oz or 12 oz drinking glass. Pour the frothy mixture into the glass. If the mixture is very thick add a little water to help it pour out. When most of the mixture is in the glass add more water to the shaker or blender and get more of the mixture to pour out.

Add more water directly into the glass and fill up to the top. Leave enough room to add the eggnog.

Finally add the 1 oz of eggnog (more or less to taste) and finish with a straw. Give it a couple of turns to mix and serve.


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