A Great Story About Two Soldiers Who Almost Killed Each Other

This story is great because it shows us that we can do better as a planet. Many wars arefought where the soldiers are only doing what they're told from a narrative that we grew up hearing. 

It reminds me of what I read back in 2011 regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. 

It said a new age is coming and it will start off by eliminating boarders and bring in people of opposite views to live with one another. The goal of this new age is to teach us that we are one group on one planet and when we can learn to live together even with completely opposite views then we will grow. 

I look all around and I see a crumbling structure built in the past that no longer serves humanity. At the same time I see a new world that's shaping itself right in the middle of all this chaos. We can then chose to focus on the chaos or on the new world that's sprouting. 

If you see what's happening around you we see that this has all begun. Refugees, pollution from one end of the world reaching another, surveillance, internet, etc... are all happening now so we can learn this lesson. In the past when we "minded our business" and one country, neighbor or continent did their thing we assumed that they would harm themselves. 

The lessons we need to learn become harsh when we don't get them. Something more drastic has to happen to interior "business as usual" so openly looking to improve will make for a better transition. 

If you had to deal with someone completely different than you or even an enemy then how would you go about it? 

Congrats to these men for forgiving and moving on. Not only do they get to not deal with that past anymore but releasing it means they feel better and medical science tells us you become healthier. 

Two Enemies Who Almost Killed Each Other

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