The mind blowing gematria of Π (pi)

Three languages have an alphabet which are balanced through numbers. Those three languages are Hebrew, Arabic and Greek. You're about to witness how the spoken language can actually hide complex math. You'll feel like this is so complex that a higher mind had to assist in its creation. Doing Pi math where words actually solve the math problem. To start we first need to see the Greek alphabet in its pure form and it's numerical value. Some Greek letters were changed or eliminated in ancient times as city states united and a common alphabet was used. The Greek Alpha Numeric Alphabet Α=1 Β=2 Γ=3 Δ=4 Ε=5 δίγγαμα F/ΣΤ=6 Ζ=7 Η=8 Θ=9 Ι=10 Κ=20 Λ=30 Μ=40 Ν=50 Ξ=60 Ο=70 Π=80 κόππα Q=90 Ρ=100 Σ=200 Τ=300 Υ=400 Φ=500 Χ=600 Ψ=700 Ω=800 σαμπ Ϡ =900 Speaking the pi equation itself in the Greek language also solves it. In Greek you would say circumference of a circle divided by the diameter equals... and then you'll say the answer. The thing is that with the Greek language when you know the letter value in numbers you'll know each words total number. Those numbers then solve the problem. So saying the math problem solves and here's how it works. As an example we will use the first word in Greek and break it down alphanumerically. ΜΗΚΟΣ breaks down like this. Μ = 40, Η = 8, Κ = 20, Ο = 70, Σ = 200 so 40 + 8 + 20 + 70 + 200 = 338. We do the same for each word and in the order of how the problem is spoken and as a result it solves the equation. Here's the whole math equation in both Greek and English. Prepare to have your mind blown. π = (circumference of a circle) / (diameter) = 3.14 π = (ΜΗΚΟΣ ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΣ ΚΥΚΛΟΥ) / (ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΟΣ) = 3.14 Let’s break it down with more detail.  ΜΗΚΟΣ = 338 ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΣ = 1,016 ΚΥΚΛΟΥ = 940 Total = 2,294 ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΟΣ = 730 Total = 730 2,294 / 730 = 3.14 Mind = Blown! Special thanks to Mr. Eleutherios Argyropoulos who has dedicated his life to Genatria.  

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